Reviews and Media for Remember My Beauties

“Hugo’s writing might remind some readers of Annie Proulx, although her ear for dialog is closer to Larry McMurtry’s …Hugo offers convincing three-dimensional characters with convincing psychic wounds.”  Wilmington Star News

Read Lynne’s interview with the Wilmington Star News

Listen to Lynne’s interview with Ohio NPR stations WVXU in Cincinnati and WMUB in Oxford

” … a lyrical, down-to-earth snapshot of a pocket of flawed humanity.” John M. Murray reviews Remember My Beauties for Foreword

“The horses and farm are part of the family, but the story is the family. Read it for heartbreak moments, times when you grit your teeth with frustration, pages where you know what the character should do but they just won’t, moments when you forgive them even when you know you shouldn’t, unfair sadness, and gut-wrenching shocks.”  Anne Loves Books

“In vibrant prose, Lynne Hugo tells a gritty, psychologically astute story of three generations in turmoil and the power of nature to heal even the most troubled hearts. Her characters are brave, flawed, real — at times disturbingly so—but she never gives up on any of them, and by the end of this inspiring novel, I shared her empathetic vision. A spare, commanding novel by a master storyteller.” Patry Francis, author of The Orphans of Race Point

“A character in Remember My Beauties is fond of saying, ‘Lotsa ways to be blind,’ but this wonderful novel also shows us there are many ways to see — many ways to see love, for instance, or family or forgiveness. I’ll be remembering the beauty of this novel for a long time to come.” Katrina Kittle, author of The Blessings of the Animals

“Lynne Hugo’s writing is beautiful and evocative, earthy and strong. The characters, the setting, and the way she handles tough issues with honesty, grit, and understanding all make for a wonderful read.” Laura Harrington, author of Alice Bliss

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